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Stewardship make giving easy. They help over 25,000 individuals to give around £60million each year, to their database of over 19,000 charitable causes. 40acts is a campaign ran over 40 days to encourage doing good and living generously. The brief was to ensure this campaign reached as many people as possible and encourage them to become involved in the campaign.

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Bonito care about the project, and about excellence. They’re really invested in giving us the best possible product within our budget.

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The use of social media integration and a clear user-engagement strategy were specifically designed to provoke rapid growth and advocacy. In a matter of weeks, our solution facilitated a growth margin of over 300%, resulting in an active user base of over 45,500.

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Social engagement

Social media provided the perfect platform to build on-going engagement with users before, during and after the campaign. We tied this engagement into the site by having a ‘sharing is caring’ live media feed. Any shared items that were ‘liked’ or ‘favourited’ by the 40acts team, would automatically appear in the feed. This provided a way of validating posts before they were publicised. Users were then encouraged to share other responses that resonated with them, further promoting the brand and project to their own social sphere. This perpetual circle proved a huge success and drove record levels of traffic to the site, whilst retaining meaningful user engagement.

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Design and typography

We designed the site with a specific typography style in mind with imagery that delighted users and encouraged them to share it within their own social circles. This proved a huge success and gave a fresh look to the campaign.

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Data capture

The website also acts as a powerful data capturing tool by inviting users to sign up for resource downloads. These mailing lists were then carefully managed and marked to ensure that only relevant information and offers were given to the correct targeted audiences.

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We have seen two consecutive years of high growth for 40acts whilst working with them and we hope to see many more targets reached in future. Do you have a similar campaign in mind? If so we would love to help you reach your goals.

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